Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I don't know if this was a significant dream from a spiritual point of view or just a compilation of impressions and thoughts from the previous day... but the issue is important to me so I will write it down anyway.

I had found out that I had family I didn't know about. I was invited to someone's home. There was a guy there who turned out to be my cousin. He was quite handsome and a lovely person. He sat me down and explained to me that I was about to inherit a family fortune. It would make me the 25th richest person in the world. I was obviously stunned. A great sense of freedom pervaded me, and I was jolted into this other reality where all the petty concerns of ordinary life no longer affected me. It was like dying and waking up to another dimension. My cousin in the dream seemed like a spirit guide. My first thought was, however, what a lot of work there is going to be! I thought, now I must work to put the planet straight! I finally had the means to make a difference. I was a bit worried how I was going to manage it all, since my condition is what it is. Yet I figured that I would get lots of treatment, have more energy because of it and because of not having to worry about survival, and even though finding the right people to help us out may not be that easy it would work out somehow. There was no need or desire to be the richest person, just enough to make a real difference to all that is so upside down in our world. I did also realize that this state of wealth would soon seem perfectly ordinary to me.

More family came into the room but many of them didn't even say hello. They all seemed to be women. Finally one decided to engage me in some talk so she put a microphone to my mouth and asked, "So what is your patent answer when you are being asked what your most cherished values are?". I said, "I don't have any", meaning I have no patent answers as it must all be intuitive and spontaneous. I wasn't going to be part of a social charade. The lady turned away with dismay, looking very snooty. I then decided to say something, but it didn't come out that well because I had bread in my mouth. I tried to say, my most important value is compassion. Perhaps the fact that I couldn't say it loud and clear indicates that I still don't feel that I am able to feel 100 % compassion for all beings.

I woke up and lingered in the wonderful sense of freedom and deep purpose. Of course, money is a form of energy and doesn't really belong to anyone in particular, but karma is deeply attached to it. At the same time, money is like having health - it's just as arbitrary yet also deeply significant to one's view and experience of life. I have always felt very conflicted about the idea of being rich when so many are poor, and as my readers will know I have little tolerance for the aggressive, skewed and selfish marketing of what people call the law of attraction through books such as The Secret and its sequel The Myth (which I've seen but not read). In the dream this conflict was resolved as there was no negative karma attached to the money that I got to have and spend for the improvement of my health and life circumstances, enjoyment of life, but also for the better good of humanity and the planet at large. It was just floating around in the universe and landed in my lap.

In reality, I want my legacy mainly to be of a cultural nature (and how I want to do it has been quite clear for me for a long time), but there would be plenty more I could imagine myself doing if I had the money and energy to help put things into motion. Money, or its value, moves around. That is all. You and I can have it just as well as the next person, but we may just as well suffer the lack of it. It's all part of the experience of life and differing lessons our souls wish to learn, a pattern we got stuck in or a pattern we became liberated from.

Photos from above by Vivi-Mari Carpelan copyright 2012.