Thursday, 7 July 2011


One should never make the mistake of thinking that Islam has nothing to offer. It's easy to be influenced by a lot of negative propaganda. Nonetheless, there are many strands that promote all the good things such as compassion and mindfulness. While there are exoteric forms of the religion - i.e. ones that focus only on rituals and other external ceremonies and behavioural patterns - there are also esoteric forms which focus on the inner life of the individual. Sufism is the most known esoteric belief system in the Arabic world.

Nonetheless, I never found myself drawn to Islam and didn't read much about it at Uni. I think in my mind I see it as a bit of an antithesis to my own belief system even though in reality it's a bit unfair to parts of it. Some cultures just don't click! Therefore it was interesting that I had a dream about Islam.

I had lost my car, I couldn't remember where I had parked it, and most cars were the same colour (my cars have always been silver). This tends to be a recurrent theme in many of my dreams. As I was looking for it I came across a congregation of Muslims in a street corner. My impression of them was a good one. I had seen the same one in the morning, but in the evening I decided to join in. I suspected I had lost a piece of garment there and I did get it back from a kind looking boy. I felt drawn into the ceremonies and enjoyed a surprising sense of peacefulness that almost made me a bit uncomfortable because they were performing exoteric rituals. Still it felt esoteric, as it touched my heart. I was reluctant to leave. I received a pendant, round with a cross I believe, but had to give it back at the end because I was new. 

So what does it all mean? Perhaps, that I feel a bit lost in the sense that I can't seem to find or 'hold onto' my inner self and motivation at the moment (the lost car). I feel that I am lost among so many other creative people (the cars were all silver coloured, which denotes intuition and subconscious riches). Yet there it was, right in front of me and in the open; a form of spirituality that I had not expected. It looked so different from what I thought spirituality was going to be for me. But in keeping an open mind I was able to be touched by it. I received some form of initiation but only for the moment. Perhaps it represented something I am not quite ready for just yet, but it's there for me if I want it. Wholeness,  harmony and stability (the round shape with a cross) and a connection with the inner self that I could have with me at all times (a necklace). The congregation was marked by kindness and soulfulness. I recall most of the beautiful garments and objects were golden, a symbol of authentic spirituality.

Artwork: "Beckoning Shadows V", abstract photography, all rights reserved V-M C 2011


  1. Very beautiful dream :) I stumbled across your blog searching for souls who are still in touch with their own soul. And here I found a lovely narration of a dream which is so easy to understand, feel and embrace. I have had these kind of dreams myself since my childhood and have always shared them with my mom. I'm 41 and I don't know if age matters or not in this life or the next one. One thing is for sure. I'd definitely become another dream and would prefer to remain in one instead of this turbulant world, full of despair. Although I see occasional happiness, but all these wars, hunger, sickness, homelessness (i call people living in rented homes as homeless too), ignorance, I just don't think my spirit can handle all this that easily. I'm glad I'm temporarily here to fare alongwith all this around me helping and supporting in whatever possible way I can. But i'm more preparing for the next "eternal" one coming after this life.

  2. Yes, it's very difficult to accept the way things are... it's a trial in every way. I do hope you find solace in some way... that everyone does at some point. Thank you so much for all your comments, they are very much appreciated!!