Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Presenting Soulful Swedish Singer Eva Dahlgren

ANGEL IN MY ROOM: Presenting the fabulous Swedish singer Eva Dahlgren: If this link doesn't work for you in your country, you can find the same song on this site: There's a row of videos at the top of the page, you could also try and listen to a very beautiful love song called "När en vild röd ros slår ut doftar hela skogen" (When a wild red rose blossoms the scent pervades the entire forest). It's about how wild roses always find a place to grow...

Another favourite song is this extremely touching song "November Regn" (November Rain) about how she (a lesbian actually) gets beaten up by huligans, drags herself home and lays there in the hallway bleeding for hours - but most of all her self esteem is bleeding. Who would have the audacity to stay there alone, 'not me'. I don't have the lyrics but I think you can feel it - and just enjoy the sound of the beautiful Swedish!
Eva's music has been very soothing to me for the past month, she says so much in so few words, and she's REAL. Can't find anyone singer at the moment as real as her! Another great one of hers is "Ingen är som jag" (No one is like me), quite melancholic though.
Artwork: A rose by Redouté, 18th C

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