Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Respecting Other People's Paths And Not Making Undue Assumptions!

This is a reaction to a message that came to me late one night and that upset me quite a bit. But I released the frustration and am now blessing those who in their ignorance hurt others. I apologize if my wording seems harsh but I just wanted to say 'stop, no more!' in a way that would hopefully be noticed, lol.

We live in times of great changes, and anyone who is open and willing to accept the higher frequencies will feel that their energies are changing. So am I. I have also got a lot of answers lately to why my life has been the way it has been, and have also learned many things regarding my true identity. But we all have bad days despite the increase of flow in our lives. It thus saddens me incredibly that there are still people who think that they can give me some kind of 'gift' by telling me how to lead my life and indicating that I am stagnated and negative and not open to change within myself. I am anything but! However, just from one little sentence (and I am not exaggerating!) some people think they can deduce a whole enormous array of implications... it's really mindblowing how the imagination of some can take off from just a tiny little sentence!

So... Do not lecture, do not patronize. Do not assume that you know things about someone else and then use it against them to prove your own 'excellency' and 'expertise', as a 'missionary'. Do you see what I mean? Do I need to explain it any further? I hope not! Something to this effect came to me late last night and really upset me as I was trying to wind down and deal with my insomnia. Yes, some things don't change that fast and one is my insomnia! However, if anyone attacks me furthermore, I will ask them to take a look at their own selves and whether maybe they are projecting onto me their own inability to change, and that maybe they are feeling inadequate so they have a need to feel superior (equally, I look at my own life and try and see whether there is any reason why I attract such a thing into my own life and what I can learn from it). Please, use the term 'I am the change' with some prudence ok? To really be what you want to be is a step further from the words. I bless everyone on their paths and wish them all the very best so long as they don't mess with mine (gently laughing).
Artwork: "The Rise And Fall Of Human Vanity", collage on paper by author, copyright 2008

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